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Lanell Williams-Yulee has 27 years of experience practicing law.  In those 27 years she has practiced in the 1st, 10th and 13th Judicial Circuit.  She knows about service.  Service to her family, community and her country. Williams-Yulee has earned a reputation as being experienced, fair and a fighter for justice.

As far as service to family, Williams-Yulee is a spouse of a Veteran and retired Law Enforcement Officer, proud mother of four and grandmother of 3.  She maintains a balance of work and family and has been successful in sending all 3 of her kids to college and has a son serving in the Armed Forces. 

Although born in Pensacola Florida, Williams-Yulee calls Tampa her home.  She has resided in Tampa and raised her kids in this community for the past 28 years. Williams-Yulee has participated at a Team Mom for her sons youth football team,  participated in The Great American Teach-in and represented several clients pro bono each year.

Like her husband and son, Williams-Yulee has also served her country, but in another capacity.  Service to her country started as William-Yulee watching her dad in the  Navy.   She admired that selfless service and brings that same passion as a lawyer.  She is a wife whom has supported her husband for a combined 18 years in the military and Sheriff’s Office. 

As an attorney, she gave an oath to support the Constitution of the State of Florida and the Constitution of the United States.  She swears to faithfully discharge those duties to the best of her knowledge and ability. Williams-Yulee is not new to the campaign  world, as she has run before. “Each time I’ve run for judge, it has been fun and a rewarding experience.” 


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